We Welcome Disability Insurance Case Referrals from Other Law Firms

At RamosLaw, we are honored that other lawyers trust us with their client’s long term disability cases. A call or an email from a colleague referring us a case is one of the best compliments that we can get. As a law firm that concentrates in ERISA LTD cases, we posses the necessary knowledge and insight to successfully handle matters in this complex area of the law. We believe that in most instances it is not cost effective for a lawyer, who does not work in this filed, to assume the enormous responsibility of handling a client’s disability claim.

We receive referrals from lawyers who concentrate their practice in a wide variety of areas of the law. However, most referrals seem to come from lawyers who practice in the fields of worker’s compensation, personal injury and social security disability law. Unfortunately, many lawyers do not know who to turn to when their clients are denied long term disability benefits. If you are an attorney and have a client whose disability insurance benefits have been denied or discontinued, we ask that you contact us. No case is too small or complicated for our consideration.

If you would like to refer us a client, we would be glad to hear from you and discuss the matter by telephone. We are interested in taking your call or answering your email. We will provide you with a prompt assessment of your client’s case. We also offer all clients a free a initial consultation in order to better understand the nature of their needs.

Due to the fact that ERISA LTD cases are governed by a uniform federal law, we are able to represent clients on a pro hac vice basis in several U.S. District Courts through out the Nation.

We pay referral fees whenever the rules of the state bar where the referring lawyer practices allow it. We also strive to maintain a close professional relationship with lawyers and firms who refer us cases. In this way, colleagues can feel confident that the clients that they refer to RamosLaw are in good hands.