Attorney Ivan Ramos Protects Your Long Term Disability Benefits in New Hampshire

We understand how important Long Term Disability benefits are to you when you are unable to work. A disruption in this needed income can cause a major burden on you and your family.

That’s why Ramos Law is here to fight for your New Hampshire Long Term Disability benefits. We handle the reviews from your insurance company aggressively, giving you the best chance to win your appeal and keep your benefits.

If you’ve received a denial letter from your insurance company, don’t wait – contact Ramos Law today. The quality of your appeal letter will determine the outcome of your appeal. We are here to guide you through the process and make sure that you provide everything that you need to fight the denial.

Even if you don’t have a problem with your current long term disability benefits payments, it may still be in your best interest to have legal guidance from a New Hampshire LTD attorney. People receiving benefits aren’t usually aware of the effort Long Term Disability Insurance Companies go through to find reasons to terminate benefit payments.

Protecting your Right to Continued Benefits

New Hampshire Long Term Disability Insurers use many methods to prove that the benefits that you have been receiving are no longer payable. Secret surveillance and medical exams performed by the insurer’s doctors are just a few of the tactics that can be used to stop benefits. Ramos Law can help determine if these tactics are being used by your insurer, and we can advise you of your rights and what steps to take to protect your rights.

Ramos Law is here to address any questions you might have about your New Hampshire LTD benefits. We can help with paperwork, administrative appeals or fight for your benefits in court.

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