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Administrative Appeal of a Denial or Termination Of LTD Benefits in Vermont

Your quality of life and career can be greatly impacted by a long term disability. Having LTD benefits can help alleviate some of the stress caused by your disability, by providing financial relief to help cover your expenses. Sometimes your insurer will deny or terminate your much needed benefits. When this happens, Ramos Law is here to provide the legal experience and support you will need to win your Vermont Long Term Disability case.

Be Aware: Filing Your Appeal is a Time Sensitive and Complicated Process – You Usually Have 180 Days To File

Typically, an LTD claimant has 180 days to file an administrative appeal with their insurance company. Most claimants believe this appeals process is straight-forward and underestimate the importance of submitting a well documented appeal during this time period. It is crucial that the evidence is properly submitted during this stage, because if it isn’t, you may never be allowed to present it to the insurance company. The success of your Vermont long term disability case depends on the submitted documents and the quality of the arguments.

We Prepare an Effective Administrative Appeal on Behalf of Our Clients.

With our LTD knowledge and experience we put forward a strong administrative appeal on your behalf. During the administrative appeal process, we submit a well prepared legal brief that states the reasons why you should be entitled to receive long term disability benefits under your insurance policy. Our thorough documentation will include medically backed opinions & comprehensive reports from physicians, as well as statements from friends and co-workers that support your eligibility to receive benefits.

Appealing a Wrongful Denial

If your benefit claim is denied, you must file an administrative appeal to try to gain or regain your long term disability benefits. Hiring an experienced Vermont LTD lawyer will reduce your stress and give you the best chance of winning your case during the appeal process.

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