Providing Support throughout the Entire Process.

Your life can change dramatically as result of a long term disability (LTD) or a chronic illness. However, disability insurance coverage can certainly reduce the negative financial impact on you. LTD insurance, which can be purchased individually or obtained through an employer, pays the insured a percentage of his or her salary during the period they’re unable to work. It’s therefore vital that an LTD claim meets the strict guidelines for coverage set forth in the policy or long term disability plan. Our skilled, experienced LTD advocates at RamosLaw are here to provide the crucial support needed to win disability benefits.

Proactively Hiring an LTD Attorney Can be Very Effective

Preemptively securing the services of an LTD attorney is the best recipe for success in a disability claim. RamosLaw is highly skilled at anticipating and overcoming the obstacles insurance companies devise in order to delay or deny benefits. Attorney Ramos will identify all the proper documentation and medical records necessary to prove your disability and, –will personally advise you throughout the claim process. Our staff goes above and beyond the call of duty to fight unfair denials.

We’ll also assist and counsel you when obtaining the required paperwork from your physician needed to back up your claim. As you might expect, an insurance carrier will require a detailed explanation of your condition from your doctor, as well as his or her opinion on how that condition impacts your ability to perform your job. RamosLaw deals regularly with most disability insurers, and has the experience and knowledge needed to anticipate and address any issues before they become a problem.

The primary goal of insurers is to maximize profits, and a key way to further that objective is to pay out as little money as possible. To help accomplish this, insurance companies analyze disability claims with incredible detail in an effort to try justify a denial of your claim. RamosLaw understands the common tactics used by insurance companies, and successfully fights them every step of the way.