Client Testimonials

Here are some of the reviews we’ve received from former clients about our track record of success and the exceptional service that they have received from our staff.

“When I received notice from my insurer that my LTD insurance disability benefit was unexpectedly terminated I was so stressed out and didn’t know where to turn. I knew I needed a lawyer so I got on the internet and researched. Here I found Attorney Ramos and I’m so happy I did. Working with him and his paralegal Jessica made a complicated process easier. Attorney Ramos knows what is needed to get the job done and done right. He is a very kind man with a good sense of humor….someone who has your back at every turn and will not let you down. I highly recommend Attorney Ramos. For me, there is no one else I would chose to represent me. By the way, he won my appeal and my LTD benefits were reinstated without having to go to trial. Thank you Attorney Ramos and staff. If you haven’t contacted him yet for your private insurance or social security disability case, I urge you to call today. He’s the best!”

Kerry Ann Kowar

“Attorney Ivan Ramos and his paralegal Jessica are the absolute best in fighting by your side for what you deserve. I was thrown into the black hole of long term disability insurance denial about a year ago. It was a big eye opener to me how a major insurance company could just deny a person without even performing a proper review or gathering all the pertinent information. This is when I decided I needed an attorney on my side that specialized in long term disability insurance. Atty Ramos and Jessica listened to me and together we gathered all of the pertinent information for my case. The appeal letter written by Atty Ramos was extremely professionally written and it was obvious he had gone though all of my records. Every phone call or e mail written was most often answered within a few hours or less which makes things much less stressful. No fees are collected unless there is success with your case. Attorney Ramos is very honest with you about your case and never promises the way things will go as he doesn’t have those answers. Both Atty Ramos and Jessica understand how stressful this whole period is waiting with little income coming in and are understanding and willing to listen. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my case that has recently been decided. I feel like I made the best decision by hiring the law office of Atty Ramos. I would reccommend this office to anyone with a long term disability insurance issue.”

JoAnn Girouard

“Ivan Ramos is a very personable and efficient lawyer. He was always accessible and was very patient. He spent a lot of time on my case and always returned my phone calls very quickly. I could never have done all of the paperwork required for my disability claim without him. I highly recommend him to everyone. His staff is also the best.”

Deborah Hampel

“I contacted Ivan to take over all matters dealing with my long term disability LTD insurer (CIGNA) due to my brain injury. I was (and am) not able to think clearly to discuss matters with them, so I still retain Ivan to Ivan to be my voice for everything. There was a long drawn-out battle for them to admit to their responsibility even though Social security covered immediately with no problems or delays. I was grateful that it was not my worry, it was Ivan’s worry to make sure it all well. He told me what I and my wife had to do, he let us know if the doctors were not responding in time, etc. His fees are well worth the results. We highly recommend him for his results and continue to retain him for the same.”

Tom Schuck

“I wish I could put into words how much I appreciate Attorney Ramos. I don’t think there are enough words. My Mom had been out of work for months due to a medical condition that we didn’t even have a diagnosis on. When the Doctors thought they knew, they would re-route use and claim it was something else. Eventually, we got a diagnosis and were crushed because we didn’t think she would be able to receive assistance with that. My Mother was in severe pain and working was not going to make things better. Ivan Ramos really helped us even in his moments of silence when we didn’t think things would work out. When I received the call from Ivan saying that my Mom was approved for SSI, I burst into tears. I am so thankful for all of his help. Anytime I called, whether he had good news or not, he immediately contacted me. He was reassuring and helped us every step of the way. We are so thankful for him and recommend him 100%.”

Ashley Torres

“Attorney Ivan Ramos did a wonderful job for me he was clear, professional, courteous, you couldn’t really ask for anything more he won my case on the first try. Throughout the entire case he knew what he was talking about, and he was always correct.”

George Farina

“I was exasperated wondering what I was going to do. No one wanted to help with my disability claim. Then one morning I received a call from Ivan Ramos, and he said he wanted to represent me. He is a gift. He worked with me and my providers diligently. He always returned my phone calls and his team encouraged me along the way. Attorney Ramos won my case. He brought me peace of mind. I’m very grateful he called. Thank you.”

Sonia Mendez

“Ivan Ramos and his staff are thorough, compassionate and willing to go the extra mile for his client.”

Linda Delaire