Representing Professionals and Medical Staff

At RamosLaw we help persons from all walks of life obtain disability insurance benefits. However, we know that unique challenges may arise when the person seeking long term disability benefits has very complex work demands. In fact, disability claims involving occupations that require special intellectual and physical abilities can benefit greatly from the assistance of an experienced long term disability lawyer.

We have successfully represented claimants who work in the medical field, such as doctors and nurses. In addition we also represent a wide variety of professionals including: college professors, teachers, software engineers, investment bankers, IT analysts and corporate managers.

Doctors, Nurses and Medical Staff

Most professionals in the medical field rely heavily on their physical abilities to perform their jobs. They need physical strength, as well as, fine motor skills and good hand and eye coordination to fulfill their duties competently. For example, an interventional cardiologist is required to wear a very heavy lead apron and, at the same time, use his or her hands with precision when inserting cardiac devises such as aortic balloon catheters or pacemakers.

Unfortunately, in many cases, insurance companies deny disability claims filed by doctors by ignoring the actual physical demands of their medical specialization. For example, in the case of an interventional cardiologist, the insurance company might attempt to allege that the duties of the doctor are those of a regular cardiologist, rather than those of the interventional subspecialization.

Nurses encounter similar disability insurance denials to those faced by doctors. At RamosLaw, we have seen several cases where an insurance company misclassifies an RN’s job as that of a triage nurse or a hospital supervisor.

If you are a medical professional who has been denied long term disability benefits, you should contact us as soon as possible. You need to meet the deadline for appeal and submit a well documented argument in support of your case. We offer a free initial consultation and will not charge you any legal fees unless the insurance company pays you.

The Effects of Pain and Cognitive Decline in Your Ability to Work

In denying long term disability claims, insurance companies often err by reviewing claims only from the perspective of the physical limitations suffered by the claimant. They look mostly at how much a person can lift, carry, push and pull and, how long a person can sit, stand or walk. However, well paid professionals need to do more than that to perform their duties; –they need to be able to engage in complicated intellectual tasks that require a high degree of mental acuity and concentration. Unfortunately, insurance companies fail to consider limitations caused by pain and fatigue such as frequent absences and constant work interruptions.

At RamosLaw we have developed strategies to document and prove non-physical work related limitations that affect a person’s ability to work. With our effective representation, we are often able to convince the insurer to reverse its decision and pay you benefits. If the claim is not reversed, we will take the disability insurance company to federal court and demand that benefits be paid.