Long Term Disability Lawyer in Rhode Island

Long Term Disability Insurance plans are available in Rhode Island through employer group plans. These policies cover an employee in the event that he or she becomes disabled and unable to work. Unfortunately, disabled employees often find that getting their long term disability benefits approved by the insurance company is an uphill battle.

Long term disability insurance companies earn more profits when they deny insurance claims. It has become a common and ruthless practice for many disability insurance companies, such as Cigna, Unum, Prudential, MetLife, The Hartford, Sun Life, Aetna, to deny legitimate disability claims. Claims are often denied initially or after providing benefits for a short period of time. To validate the insurance denial, insurance companies claim that the definition of a disability in the policy has changed or that the condition of the disabled person has improved.

Fortunately, Ramos Law is an experienced Rhode Island long Term Disability Lawyer who is prepared to fight for your long-term disability benefits.

Ramos Law offers a FREE consultation for Rhode Island long Term Disability clients who have been denied benefits. Once a long term disability claim is denied, there is typically a 180 day period where an administrative appeal to the insurance company can be filed. The timing and the quality of the administrative appeal is crucial to the success of your case. If not completed in time, a court challenge against the insurance denial may not be possible. This is why it is very important to contact a Rhode Island long Term Disability Lawyer as soon as you receive a denial. Under most circumstances, Ramos Law will handle the administrative appeal for you as part of our legal services.

Before you Apply for Disability Benefits in Rhode Island – Talk To A Lawyer

Ramos Law provides a free disability claim initial consultation while you are still working, before you have applied for disability benefits. When a person is seriously injured or too ill to work, long term disability insurance policies are supposed to provide benefits. Many people aren’t sure if they qualify for benefits under their long term disability plan and may be worried about facing financial difficulties if they are denied.

We offer pre-application services to avoid unfair insurance claim denials. We’ll study your insurance policy prior to your claim, so we can help you prepare and decide what proof is necessary for you to win your benefits.

Call for a Rhode Island Long Term Disability consultation: (855) 946-7266 or please feel free to submit a request using the contact form on the webpage.