Massachusetts Long Term Disability Lawyer – Providing The Support You Need Throughout The Process

Your life can drastically change when a long term disability strikes, however, having disability benefits can reduce the negative impact to some extent. Massachusetts long term disability insurance (provided through an employer or purchased individually) provides the disabled person with a percentage of their monthly salary over the period they are unable to work. It is crucial that your Massachusetts Long Term Disability Claim passes your insurance carrier’s strict guidelines and review process. Our skilled long term disability advocates are here to provide you with invaluable support and guide you through this important step of your LTD benefit claim.
Hiring a Massachusetts Long Term Disability Attorney When You Begin Your Claim Process Is a Proactive Approach.

Being proactive is the best way that we can assist you throughout the process. We are skilled at anticipating obstacles your insurance company may use to stall your claim or deny your benefits. Attorney Ramos will identify the elements needed to prove your disability to the insurance company and will personally guide you throughout the review process. Our staff works hard to stop denials/delay tactics before they happen, by verifying that all the necessary documentation is in order.

We will also make sure that you have all needed paperwork from your physician to back up your claim. Your physician will need to explain your condition and provide their opinion on how your disability impairs your ability to perform your job duties. Since Ramos Law deals with most Massachusetts Disability Insurers regularly, we have the knowledge to help you address any issues with your claim in advance.

The goal of the insurance company is to pay out as little as possible, so they will be thoroughly analyzing your disability claim to search for deficiencies during the review process. Ramos Law will help you submit a well supported and documented claim to the insurance company and address any issues raised during the application or review process.

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