Protecting your Benefits by Monitoring Your Long Term Disability Claim

Your need for legal assistance won’t necessarily end with the approval of your Long Term Disability (LTD) claim and the monthly payment of disability benefits. As you may already be aware, insurance companies do not like to part with money. As such they are diligent in their attempts to uncover information that would give them a reason to halt your monthly check. Unfortunately, many LTD benefit recipients are oblivious to the full extent of the unscrupulous tactics used by disability insurance companies.

Insurers use video surveillance as a way to keep their payment liabilities to a minimum. At times, these efforts can result in the termination of benefits; even for claimants who are clearly still unable to work due to an illnesses or injury. Securing an experienced attorney to monitor your claim helps to ensure your benefits continue to be paid for the duration of your policy’s term.

Protecting your Right to Continued Benefits

We fully understand how important your LTD benefits are in maintaining your family’s financial stability while you’re unable to work. We also know quite well that any interference in the receipt of these funds can cause significant stress to you and your loved ones. At RamosLaw we’re wholly equipped to protect the uninterrupted flow of the benefits that you deserve. We also work to ensure that your insurer properly conducts the re-evaluation of your claim when determining whether you are still eligible for ongoing benefits.

Insurance companies come up with a seemingly endless variety of maneuvers to try to prove that you’re no longer entitled to receive your LTD benefits. Some of their most common tactics include: requiring you to take a medical examination by a doctor of their choosing, and hiring a private investigator to follow you and take surveillance of your activities. We’ll help you with these tactics and advise you on ways to legally counteract them.

Further, RamosLaw remains on-call to address your questions, fears and suspicions with regard to your LTD benefits. We’ll also assist you with the required claim paperwork, help with administrative appeals, and fight for your rights in federal court.