Appealing Your Long Term Disability Denial or Termination

A long term disability (LTD) can have a considerably negative impact on your quality of life. It might either sidetrack the career path you’re on or, unfortunately, end it. LTD benefits help to diminish that financial impact by allowing you to cover at least some expenses during your recovery process. However, at times certain circumstances or conditions come to light that might allow an insurer to either deny your LTD benefits, or even terminate them after you have been placed on pay status. In order to prevent such actions, it is imperative that you hire an experienced long term disability appeals lawyer.

Appeals are Complicated and Must be Filed Within 180 Days

If an insurer rejects or stops payment on your claim, you have 180 days to file an administrative appeal. Most group benefit policies are overseen by a complicated federal law called the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. (ERISA) In order to win or resume benefits, it’s crucial to prepare a well prepared, fully-documented appeal. Simply put, you cannot take any chances in the preparation of the appeal.
Unfortunately, many claimants are tricked into believing that the appeal process is easy. The outcome of many LTD cases is often determined by the presence and accuracy of all required documents, along with the quality of your argument. The better the presentation, the better your chances are. If the correct documentation is not provided during this time frame, you may not even have the opportunity to present your appeal to the insurer at all.

Preparing an Effective Appeal on your Behalf

RamosLaw’s years of experience with LTD cases has perfected our ability to craft excellent administrative appeals on behalf of our clients. We prepare a thoroughly researched and assembled legal brief for the insurance company that outlines each reason why you’re entitled to receive LTD benefits. We are very careful to support every statement we submit with the relevant medical reports and opinions from your physician(s), along with testimonials from your friends and co-workers.
An excellent administrative appeal also retains its value beyond the administrative stage, and remains useful even if an insurer rejects it. Once the matter advances to federal court, that air-tight appeal increases the probability that an insurance company will agree to an out-of-court settlement.

Appealing a Claim’s Wrongful Denial

After a claim has been denied, the only remaining option is to file an administrative appeal. It is to a client’s extreme disadvantage to go through the appeal process without a proficient, skilled attorney to facilitate its preparation. Enlisting the services of a lawyer will also reduce your level of stress, while greatly increasing your chances of winning or reinstating your LTD benefits.